Femmegineering Breakfast Event – Gender and Tech

Welcome to join the first Femmegineering Breakfast Event that will take place on December 1 in Lund. Breakfast will be served, and inspirational talks will be held by Una Tellhed, Associate Professor at Lund University and Torgny Roxå, Associate Professor at LTH. They will talk about their research and learnings of how social norms and stereotypes within the tech industry influence young girls and boys on how they choose – or not choose – to become an engineer later in life.


Please note that this event will be held in Swedish.


WHAT: Breakfast Event with mingle and talks

WHEN: December 1st 2021 08.00 – 9.30

WHERE: Sigma Connectivity, Mobilvägen 10, Lund

HOST: Femmegineering

SPEAKER: Una Tellhed, Associate Professor in Psychology and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology at Lund University and Torgny Roxå, Associate Professor in Engineering Education at LTH.

RSVP: Seats are limited so if you want to join – please RSVP here: https://forms.gle/iGNiMD3hDaKcXVvx7

Those of you who can’t join us live will be able to live stream the event on our Instagram account: @femmegineering_  Follow us there to not miss any important updates!

Warmly welcome!



Femmegineering is an initiative where females in the tech industry are highlighted and allowed to share their experiences with girls who want to or are already studying to become an engineer or work in tech. Femmegineering also wants to help elevate the status of being a girl in a tech program and support them in their choice of education. By contributing to a higher status of those in a technical college or university, we want to make them feel a greater sense of belonging and become more positive towards education.

We want this to trickle down the grapevine and reach younger girls who will hear more positive words on being a girl in tech. This will hopefully contribute to more girls applying for tech schools and thus making the situation more balanced.