Female Pioneers – Greta Woxén

Allow us to highlight another woman who created history in the technology industry, Greta Woxén.

The year is 1921. Women are allowed to use their newly-acquired right to vote for the first time, and they are allowed to be regular students at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH). However, it will take a couple of years until Greta Woxén (then named Westberg) enters KTH and creates history.

The year is 1928. Greta Woxén begins her master's degree in engineering and becomes Sweden's first female civil engineer when she graduates. Greta was during a period the only female technologist at the entire KTH. Together with two other women who studied technology, she formed the Female Technologists' Association during her studies.

Greta paved the way and was a pioneer for female engineering students. She was and still is an important role model for many. At Blekinge Institute of Technology, there is a network of female engineers named after her - WOX. Their goal is to increase the well-being of the female engineering students at the school and inspire more girls to enter technical educations.



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